JIT Logistics


JIT Logistics JIT Logistics JIT Logistics JIT Logistics JIT Logistics


We have a close working relationship with John Deere and have been dedicated to them for 33 years.


We distribute John Deere parts to 115 John Deere dealers nationwide, overnight from Penzance to Inverness.


Everything large, small and ‘ugly’ from a washer, to an engine to a combine header makes its way to its destination for a pre 8 o’clock delivery service.

Our Company

We strive to put John Deere and our employees first.

We are a family owned business with not only generations of the Owners family, but of staff family’s as well. We all work together with one common goal, to help John Deere maintain it's market leading edge.

In-House Digital


Our in-house digital team design bespoke applications that revolutionises the warehouse and distribution industry.


We have developed our own talking barcode system for ordering, picking and dispatching of goods.


With constant investment in our IT infrastructure we continue to better meet the needs of our staff and John Deere.

In-House Vehicle Innovation

With the advent of vehicle body type approval we found that manufacturers could not provide the body design we wanted. We therefore decided to produce our own lightweight design in-house. We constantly strive to use the latest composite materials and aerodynamic designs improving our payload and fuel efficiency enabling us to keep costs down.

JIT - the link between factory and field